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An invitation to our free event; First-hand experience: Entering the Asian Markets

Posted by poslovniangel
On June 10, 2021
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On Friday, 18th of June 2021, at 9AM CET, Business Angels of Slovenia and partners Aimakers and HoSmart is organizing the event: First-hand experience: Entering the Asian Markets. On the event you will get all the information needed for a successful entry onto Chinese and Singapore market and about the opportunities offered by the their accelerators.

The event will be held online via the Zoom platform. The estimated length of the event is 60 minutes + 30 minutes for the Q&A. The event will be held in English.

You can register to the event by following the link below:

EVENT PROFILE: To better serve overseas projects, help European entrepreneurs land better in China, seek more business opportunities, find more cost-effective suppliers and raise more fund. We will hold an industry landing workshop for start-ups and SMEs in Europe, aiming to promote the industrial landing of European projects and promote friendly exchanges between the various project parties.


  1. Introduction of partners
  2. The procedures of foreign enterprises landing
    • Classification of foreign enterprises under the Chinese legal system
    • Regulatory provisions for the application, transfer and management of intellectual property rights of foreign enterprises
    • The development of foreign-funded enterprises in China needs to adapt to China’s local customs and culture
    • How foreign-funded enterprises pay taxes in accordance with China’s legal framework
    • What do I as a startup or SME need to specifically be careful about or pay attention to?
  3. China’s current policy on overseas investment and technology start-ups
    • What China has done to welcome overseas start-ups and SMEs to invest
    • How does an incubator/accelerator help start-ups and SMEs?
    • A CASE STUDY of a foreign start-up landing in Beijing
  4. What can WE do to help you?
  5. Question and answer session
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