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Posted by poslovniangel
On August 24, 2021
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It is with great pleasure, that we are able to say that this year we have already successfully closed eight investments! 🤩  We are extremely proud of this number, as it showcases our hard work and the high level of involvement into our ecosystem. 🤝

We have invested into the companies through different instruments with which we were able to efficiently satisfy their various needs; we provided everything from a clasical VC capital investment, angel investments as well as acquiring a startup loan for fast developing companies.  💡

If you are interested how the Business Angels of Slovenia can help your startup in various fields such as acquring an investment, educating you with the right business knowledge etc., then check out our website.


The companies that we invested in were the following:

1. BitCore

Virtual friendship supported with artificial intelligence, for the burning and raving Anime market.


2. DekoEko

Deko Eko wants to contribute to this significant change by accelerating the development of a circular economy marketplace. We propose an innovative upcycling platform which will completely change the way you think about waste. We turn waste into profit by facilitating the highest possible jump in value – from zero to a market-ready product.


3. YourFlare

YFLab is a developer of smart solutions that allow us to track our valuables. We are known after our smart reflector Flare, which allows parents to see the location of their child.


4. Pablu

Pablu is changing the way second-hand fashion gets sold. Creating weekly shopping shows with preselected sellers where visitors can buy pre-loved items directly inside the show.


5. 10DX Group

Company 10DX GROUP d.o.o. Operates in the field of online sales where it is achieving record breaking growth of income, both on the domestic and international market. In Slovenia it manages the online store, which is the biggest online shop in the field of bedding and other bed programs. Outside of Slovenia they are known under the brand DreamWithUs. This year the company has expand its operation also to the european markets; Czech and Slovakian market, which represents a new milestones in the operation of the company. The company employs 28 people and is constantly looking for new coworkers in the field of online marketing and also in other fields.


6. Printee

Printing photos was never so simple! With Printee you can simply order to print your photos, get them framed in first class slovenian wood, make calendars or design a photobook directly from your smartphone. You receive your memories in the span of a couple of days, printed by high quality technology. Wonderfull memory, or a gift for your loved ones.


7. Ciriosoft – Quantifly

Quantifly is a diagnostic tool for analyzing teams, players and their dynamics to help you make better personnel decisions and increase added value of your team.


8. Switch

We make Plug-and-Charge possible for EV drivers, which is the main hindrance to the take-off of EV cars, much needed to get to a future of clean mobility. We provide the operating system software that Charging Point Manufacturers and Operators need to be fully interoperable so that EV drivers have a fast, safe and simple way of charging their EVs.

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