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New Investment into company Salesqueze

Posted by poslovniangel
On October 25, 2021
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SaleSqueze is a startup, with whom the Business Angels of Slovenia have worked since the beginning of this year. In this time we were able to help them prepare and present their solution to Slovene and foreign investors at our first Investment Day in 2021. Additionally we also connected them with potential customers and lastly assisted with their negotiations for their investment.

Below you can read the full statement about SaleSqueze receiving a new Investment:

SaleSqueze raised initial investment

SaleSqueze is a SaaS enterprise CPQ software platform that is simple to use, yet powerful enough to offer flexibility in today’s complex sales and manufacturing environments. SaleSqueze’s vision is to provide their customers with a competitive advantage in their markets by improving bottom line results, helping their sales teams reach higher goals and make them easier to buy from. It enables their customers to increase sales while reducing costs by automating the sales, quote and order entry, and engineering processes around dynamic BOM. SaleSqueze is already used by more than 50 companies in Slovenia and the United Kingdom.

The investment will enable them to realize their vision

This significant capital infusion, including a new partnership with Slovenian business angels, is a major milestone in the SaleSqueze story. The given investment will allow SaleSqueze to separate from the parent company Kalmia and start an independent and skyrocketing journey in the SaaS enterprise CPQ software market.

The experience in raising investment with Slovenian business angels

“SaleSqueze’s vision is to reach the global market, and this breakthrough requires a large financial investment. We turned to Slovenian business angels in search of capital, as they showed great interest in the product and business model. In addition to financial infusion, they also bring a huge amount of knowledge and business connections, which the company currently needs to grow. The investment also allowed us to separate away from the parent company Kalmia and focus on developing the SaleSqueze platform, which enables automated sales of configurable products.” – Leon Panjtar, Co-founder and CEO of SaleSqueze


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