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We successfully concluded with the First and the Second part of the Investment Academy

Posted by poslovniangel
On October 31, 2021
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In the month of September and October we successfully concluded the first two segment within the Investment Academy, which is helping new and experienced Investors to gain knowledge about Investing

In the first segment we organised three live workshops, which were carried out in Saša Inkubatorju in Velenju, in Primorski Tehnološki Park and lastly also in RIC Bela Krajina. Through the program of these three workshops we:

🔹 presented the fundamentals of investing to potential investors

🔹 explained all of the important definitions an investor should know

🔹 presented several cases of good practice

🔹 successfully build the bridge between investors and startups

In the second segment the president of Business angels of Slovenia and the Founder of Alita Capital, Nina Dremelj, carried out a workshop Where and How to gain your Investment.

In the workshop we had the ability to gain a lot of new and worthwhile knowledge, so here we can emphasize only a few key takeaways: 📑

🔹 Most founders don’t make it,

🔹 Know your Investor

🔹 Get prepared

🔹 Think of your potential Exit partner before asking for investment

🔹 Be aware that fundraising is a full time job and can last up to 6 months

In the next posts we will also give you more information about the much more extensive third section of the Investment Academy, where we carried out workshops that taught Investors everything about Investing from A to Z.

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