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Business Angels of Slovenia became even stronger in 2022

Posted by poslovniangel
On April 5, 2022
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After a very successful year, the General Assembly of Business angels of Slovenia, led by President Nina Dremelj and Investment Manager Maja Križan, met and discussed achievements in 2021 and plans for 2022.

After a unanimous vote, the club can now be more strongly involved in the Slovenian and cross-country investment ecosystem with the new General Act as well as with newly established bodies of the club.

Alongside President Nina Dremelj and a long-term member Goran Tomšič, we bring a new and fresh perspective with Sabina Gros to the Management Board. Sabina is the managing director at BPT d.o.o., an investment, energy, and real estate company. She is an experienced and very active investor, offering not only financial investments but also help with business development, legal counseling, and working space.

We brought some new international experience and perspectives to the Advisory Board as well. Niels Bogerd from the Netherlands and well-known and respected Žiga Vavpotič are joining previously nominated Rok Habinc and Christopher Coomes. Niels is an investor, advisor, serial entrepreneur, and currently the Chief Operating Officer at startup SenseGlove. Žiga is also a well-known name in the business community as he is the ex-chairman and currently the Advisor to the Owner at Outfit7. He is also the co-founder of the Ypsilon Institute and Simbioza Genesis, but above all Experienced international manager and leader with a demonstrated history of successful projects, organizations, and companies.

We also have a fresh face in the Supervisory board, with Zvone Jagodic joining long-time members Miroslav Ekart and Matjaž Bavdek. Zvone is the general manager at Nepremičnine Noviforum, an experienced angel investor and entrepreneur.

The team presented a very ambitious plan for 2022, and with our new members, we are confidently tackling even the biggest of challenges.

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