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Our vision is to enable entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas obtain seed or angel funding for their companies in the early stages of growth. We aim to expand and help secure investments in international markets and ultimately put Slovenia on the map as a successful location for the development of startup companies.



Our mission is to create successful partnerships with dynamic entrepreneurs and StartupClinic’s experts through investments in startups, which enable the companies’ international growth. Additionally, we strive to secure funds for startups in the next funding round, should they need it.

We do this in order to increase the success rate of Slovenian startups, striving towards creating the next Slovenian “unicorn” – we are always looking for the new Talking Tom.


Investement policy

We invest exclusively in startups with potential international expansion, fast growing disposition and innovative ideas. In addition, a dedicated and competent team that is passionate and is willing to work hard for the realization of their vision, is of even greater importance to us. We are in search of a team that is willing to implemet market needs into their business model, adapt it,  pivot (if needed), and use the help of external experts at doing that.

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Looking to fund my startup because I have an innovative idea, which can disrupt international markets.


Looking for business opportunities in the field of venture capital and cooperation with Business angels of Slovenia.

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What our members have to say

We have decided to venture into angel investing, because we want to help young entrepreneurs and we also want to be exposed to the newest trends in technology. Because starting off is always challenging it was made easier for us with the help of Business Angels of Slovenia who have given us advice, presented potential startups and conducted several first class educational trainings. In the beginning of the year we have, with the help of Business Angels of Slovenia, successfuly executed our first investment into a StartUp company and we are sure our cooperation will be even more connected in the future.


BPT d.o.o.

I have become a member of the club Business Angels of Slovenia, because I wanted to have a better insight into the world of StartUp investing. I wanted to find out how all of it is conducted and then decide, whether this type of investing is right for me. After several months of observation I have decided and joined three projects where several members invested into a startup together. From some more experienced colleagues I was able to practically learn all of the details about choosing the right types of StartUps, negotiations regarding the conditions of the investment, technical execution of the investment, further observation of the daily work done by the startup and finally regarding the optimal sale of my stake in the StartUp. Through Business Angels of Slovenia’s Startup clinic I was able to meet experts from various fields that are needed by the owners and managers in a Startup. Despite the fact that up to this day I have already made several investments I still like to attend the Investor’s school that is organized by the Business Angels of Slovenia.



I have joined the club of Business Angels of Slovenia, because I wanted to be connected with new developing businesses, where young entrepreneurs are overwhelmed with ideas and enthusiasm. What they are usually lacking is practical experiences and starting capital. After 25 years of being in business I wanted to invest my time and funds into something that is just starting off.

I saw Business Angels of Slovenia as a midpoint between experienced business people/investors and young entrepreneurs and that is exactly what happened. Besides this also all of the investors like to share their knowledge and experience with others, giving the possibility to expand the richness of our skills. Because of all of this I am very happy to be a member of the Business Angels of Slovenia.


Valera d.o.o.


Business Angels of Slovenia supports Turkiye and Syria

Business Angels of Slovenia supports Turkiye and Syria

Business Angels of Slovenia, member of European Business Angels Network (EBAN), extends its sincere sympathies to all impacted by the devastating earthquake in Türkiye and Syria. We are deeply concerned about the destruction caused by these earthquakes, and our...