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All businessmen and businesswomen with genuine interest in startups are kindly welcome to join Business Angels of Slovenia.

Who are Business Angels and what are Angel Investements?

Business Angels

Business angels are entrepreneurs who dedicate their knowledge and money to innovative companies with high market potential. They are distinguished by their rich experience and knowledge of the market and the industry they work in. At the same time, they are people that are great mentors and advisors to startup companies with important strategic decisions. 

Angel Investements

An angel investment is about creating “win-win” situations both for the entrepreneur as well as the business angel. For the investor, the investment is a way of enriching the value of the invested money by having a significant impact on the development of the startup company. Through the process of investing, business angel helps the entrepreneur build a successful company with their business experience, connections and expertise.

Reasons to become a member of Business Angels of Slovenia


Through an optimized selection process, which is based on the principles of Lean Startup methodology, we select and qualify companies with the highest growth potential. We provide our members a clear insight into the startup community and a choice for investments in various sectors. We take into consideration the interests of individual investors and tailor the startup search process to their needs. 


We organize membership meetings to exchange investment experience and best practice. Periodically we organize demo days – events where startups pitch to investors. 


We support investors with the investment process, where we collaborate with experts from the field. We take an important role in syndicate building, because we enable efficient information transfer among our members.


The club provides support to the business angel exiting the investment through searching for other strategic partners and VC investors.


We work with the European network of Business angel associations (EBAN), which gives us access to foreign startups and investment experience exchange on the international level. We inform our members about the most relevant cross-European investment workshops, conferences and other events where startups pitch to investors.

Frequently asked questions

How much, on average, does an individual Business Angel in Slovenia invest?

An individual Business Angel can invest anything upwards of 10.000 EUR, but usually in a cumulative amount of 50.000-250.000 EUR per startup team. In the case where an individual Business Angel is not able to finance the whole investement by himself, he connects into the union of Angel Investors. Amounts above 250.000 EUR are usually invested in union, together with other Business Angels or other volatile capital investement funds.

What is the difference between investing in startups versus other financial investements?

Investement in Startups are considered very volatile, but at the same time promise very high returns. It is suggested that volatile investement are dispersed between several companies (10+), so that there is a higher chance of success. When investing into startups the investor usually also gains equity in the company.

Where can I find good startups?

It is important that you are engaged with the startup ecosystem, where there are several events and conferences. It is advised, that you join a club like ours; for our investor we find and prepare the startups, and also help with the investement itself. Specific investement are usually presented within the clubs or in partnership with other clubs across Europe and beyond.

A couple of recent investements

What our members have to say

We have decided to venture into angel investing, because we want to help young entrepreneurs and we also want to be exposed to the newest trends in technology. Because starting off is always challenging it was made easier for us with the help of Business Angels of Slovenia who have given us advice, presented potential startups and conducted several first class educational trainings. In the beginning of the year we have, with the help of Business Angels of Slovenia, successfuly executed our first investment into a StartUp company and we are sure our cooperation will be even more connected in the future.


BPT d.o.o.

I have joined the club of Business Angels of Slovenia, because I wanted to be connected with new developing businesses, where young entrepreneurs are overwhelmed with ideas and enthusiasm. What they are usually lacking is practical experiences and starting capital. After 25 years of being in business I wanted to invest my time and funds into something that is just starting off.

I saw Business Angels of Slovenia as a midpoint between experienced business people/investors and young entrepreneurs and that is exactly what happened. Besides this also all of the investors like to share their knowledge and experience with others, giving the possibility to expand the richness of our skills. Because of all of this I am very happy to be a member of the Business Angels of Slovenia.


Valera d.o.o.

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