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Verve Ventures Pitch Day

16 februarja, 2023

Business Angels of Slovenia and Verve Ventures partnered in 2022 to give BAS members access to later-stage startup investment opportunities across Europe. Verve Venture is hosting pitch events to showcase promising startups.

We invite you to the next session which will take place online on Thursday, February 16 from 5:30 to 6:45pm CET. Two great opportunities already confirmed their participation (see details below): Bob W (FI) and Axelera (NL).


Entrepreneurs will be presenting businesses for 15 minutes each (10-minute pitch, 5-minute Q&A). The presentations will be followed by a session with the analysts from Verve Ventures, where you will have the opportunity to ask about the focus and findings of the due diligence process.

We look forward to seeing you there,
The BAS and Verve teams


There are over 40 billion connected devices in the world today. Whether it’s through sensors or cameras, the amount of information collected by these devices continues to increase and with it, the need to process that data at a quick enough pace for it to be useful. Axelera is developing a novel hardware and software platform for AI that processes data right where it is generated. In traditional hardware architectures the central processing units (CPUs) and memory chips are separate, but Axelera’s core technology combines the two. By putting the computing power in the memory chip itself, the time- and energy-intensive data movements between the cloud and the end device are eliminated, making the computations faster and 10 times more energy efficient than standard digital computing.

-> watch 20-minute presentation by CEO Fabrizio

Bob W

Launched end of 2018 out of Helsinki (Finland) and Tallinn (Estonia), Bob W is creating a new category in the fast-growing EUR 100bn short-term rental market. It offers apartments that provide the local experience of an Airbnb but with the quality standard and services of a lifestyle hotel. With a custom-built technology stack, Bob W is able to offer a fully automated customer experience (no personnel required). Value-added services are provided through local partnerships (cafés and gyms, early check-in, late check-out, room upgrades, food/grocery delivery, etc.) and can be booked via the company’s service marketplace. This tech stack gives Bob W an unfair advantage over hotels that rely on much more staff for providing personalized experiences.

-> watch Bob W promotional video

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